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Black/Red/Chrome Heart With Rose Vest Extender

  • Vest extender
  • Gorgeous black and red heart and rose design
  • Chrome outline
  • Chain length
  • Chain length: 4"
  • Diamond cut chrome chain
  • Dual metal chain
  • Authentic leather
  • Total length: 6.5"
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Once in awhile, you just need an extra slice of the pie and with our motorcycle vest extender you'll have just that. Vet extenders allow you the oppurtunity to change up your look while still making style and comfort a top priority. This vest extender in particular features a gorgeous black and red heart and rose design with a chrome outline.Without a doubt this is a very eye catching look. The sturdy dual chains are made to last. This diamond cut chrome chain is as tough and durable as it is enticing. The leather is undoubtedly an improvement. Take a chance on these and make them yours today.
Product Weight 0.16 LB